Dramatically Recovering

11 Mar

Shortly after my last post I came down with a bad cold. The fatigue from relapse doubled and I went back to bed for most days. It didn’t send me into a helpless depressing tailspin, but it did feel like, “What!? A cold? A bad cold? Haven’t I already suffered, LORD? Why do you test me like this? Or, is this not a test and just life? Is life a test? LORD? Are you there?” Also, there was a fainting couch. (Not really, but I want a fainting couch.)

It took took 2 weeks and I have recovered. While I was busy blowing my nose, sneezing, and coughing, my body was busy quietly recovering from relapse. Today is Wednesday, March 11 and I feel better than I have in few months. Still easily tired from activity, but pleased to report these improvements:

  1. I can wear my cute red slip on shoes. I wore them all day today with zero fears that they’d fly off my feet, with no constant effort to keep them on, and I was able to walk normally.
  2. I don’t need the cane anymore for balance at all. I don’t even really need it for fatigue, as long as I am able to sit down immediately when I need to. I will likely still bring it when I go to church or similar. It helps me and all those around me to be mindful that I am not 100%, no matter how great my hair looks.
  3. The numbness in my legs and feet is almost completely gone. It flares a little if I get tired, but, again, I try to immediately sit and rest.
  4. The pain from spasms has lessened a good deal and is easily managed with rest, stretching, and position changing.

Early this morning I was showing off my shoes to a good friend and I did a little sashaying dance. This is something I could not do 2 weeks ago and I was a little surprised, so I did it again. My legs felt springy and sure. I continued do little dances all day. As the work day closed, I attempted a little dance to show my shoes off to a new audience. My legs felt more jelly than springy and more cautious than sure. This reminded me that I am not done yet. But, really, so much better.

I see my neurologist March 31. I had an appointment on March 6, but had to cancel when the car I was in suddenly lost all coolant and had to be stopped on the side of a toll road on the way there. Also, I had a cold that day, so you know I was praying dramatically on that roadside. “Oh, LORD, a relapse, a cold bug, and now this!? How am I supposed to go on like this? I just can’t, LORD. I can not.” But then we had Chick-fil-A for lunch and I got a new wind in my sails. Hope all y’all are keeping on keeping on, too. I love you all. Totally mean it.

(LORD willing, I will be sharing the book of James for 11am chapel at ACU on March 18. It’s been a long time coming, ACU.)

One Response to “Dramatically Recovering”

  1. Laura Schroeder March 11, 2020 at 5:22 pm #

    Glad to hear you are doing so much better.

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