Everything You Learned in PT is Wrong (Feb.10)

10 Feb

Or, “I can dramatically spin my head and walk and talk all at once again. No need to simmer down.”

I am still over all very tired and low energy. This makes it tricky to point out areas of improvement, because I know I am improving, just so tired.

On Sunday I was able to share the book of James with a local church, followed by a brief workshop. James is about 18 minutes long and I was able to pace appropriately, turn my head however I liked, and crossover my feet to side step. I did all of this using a cane. My balance is very much improved since my time in hospital, but my fatigue is so strong that I needed the cane for something to lean on. For the workshop portion I was seated or leaning on a skinny podium.

My feet, legs, and torso are still numb, but less so. I still cannot manage to wear any of my slip on shoes, as they just slip off. Thankfully, we are still in boot season, so my sense of fashion hasn’t been compromised.

The Lhermitte’s sign symptom that I have been experiencing daily suddenly stopped this past Sunday, returning on Monday, though very faint.

The pain in my right side ribcage is still there, but only becomes in need of addressing if I have been over doing it with activity.

My next big planned outing is that I intend to work my shift as a supervisor at One Day Academy this Wednesday. I will be doing all my supervising from a seated position, but hope to be there for the full day. I am still not driving.

Before I go, I will leave you with this very interesting observation:

When I returned from Russia in 2012, I found that heat no longer had any negative effect on me, any more so than a healthy person. Even as I am experiencing this flare, I remain unbothered by heat. I’ve had many hot baths to relieve my spasm pains and am very glad about that.


One Response to “Everything You Learned in PT is Wrong (Feb.10)”

  1. Mark Billingsley February 10, 2020 at 6:03 pm #

    Hi Amy,

    So sorry you’re dealing with this again. You’ve been in the prayers of the Westover elders ever since we found out. If you do make it to ACU I’ll be there to support and pray over you in person.


    Mark Billingsley

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