One Year Later

1 Oct

It is now one year since I arrived in Moscow and in two weeks it will be one year since my transplant.  I continue to heal and I thought it would be appropriate to make an update about how I am doing so far.

I think that, if HSCT was an advertised product, I would be the much lauded poster child.  My results have been phenomenal.  However, even as I celebrate my body’s incredible response, I know that others have not recovered as well as I have.  All patients who have gone after me have seen the ongoing progression of disease halt, though not all have seen a reversal of symptoms as significant as I have.  That’s the thing about poster kids – they have tiny print under their image that says, “Individual results may vary.”

If I compare myself to how I was doing this time last year, I could easily say that I am completely symptom free.  Though, if I compared myself to a body that had never experienced MS, I would notice a handful of symptoms.  This does not disappoint me in the least, but I want to post about these lingering symptoms to keep future patients aware of what they might expect.

  • I still experience weakness in my legs, the left leg in particular.  I can easily jog up and down stairs most days, but there are still days when I find that I must grip the rail and take it easy.  A recent cold made this symptom more pronounced.
  • I no longer have painful tics in my face.  I experience occasional twinges that feel like a tic is threatening, but they are short lived and never reach the level they once did.  I am able to continue talking, eating, or whatever without fear that they will escalate.  I am hopeful that the twinges diminish with time.
  • The tight band of the MS hug is gone completely, but I do still have days when the pain of the spasms is on the same level as it was pre-transplant.  I am able to work through it and it is not as uncomfortable without the added stress of the hug sensation.
  • My cognitive thinking is completely healed.  I no longer have a confusing fog that over whelms me.  I know this post was supposed to be about symptoms I still have, but I had to sneak in a symptom I DON’T have.
  • My left arm is still weaker than my right arm.  It is significantly stronger than before, though it does still fail me from time to time, some days more than others.
  • I do still experience a certain amount of bladder issues.  These are not as significant as before, though it still continues and I had to report

There.  That’s all the lingering MS I can think to tell you about.  While some days are more “MS-y” than others, I am still far better than I was last year and cannot complain about my results.

I continue to thank God for all of you, for this opportunity, for the good people of Russia, and for the work before us all.  Thank you for being such a big part of my healing – for your financial support, your prayers, your check ins, your patience with me as I heal, and for your love.  I am honored to be a vessel of so much glory.  My cup overflows.  I love you all.  Mean it.

6 Responses to “One Year Later”

  1. Jessica October 1, 2013 at 11:00 am #

    Love you! Love God! Love this!

  2. Mike Glenn October 2, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

    PTL for al the good you posted…..MS stll lingers to a degree but the focus is on all the blessings received during this past year…..It has been an amazing journey and I have appreciated being with you on it….
    Thank you for your detailed posts….They always bring a smile and an opportunity to say thank you to God for what HE has done in your life…..

  3. spiro March 2, 2014 at 9:07 am #

    Hi Amy,
    I don’t know if we’ve met on Russia’s HSCT facebook page or general HSCT page, but I joined a month ago and now got the green light from Dr. Fedorenko there for this summer to stop my MS. It sounds like you are making tremendous progress. I just finished reading your blog. If there’s any last minute advice you can give me, that would be great,

    • ericswife March 9, 2014 at 3:02 pm #

      Congratulations on making this huge leap! Pirogov is a marvelous facility and Dr.Fedorenko is at the top of his game. You cannot be in better hands. Rest easy and let them carry you through. May God bless your journey!

  4. Laura October 24, 2017 at 12:51 am #

    Amy! It’s been 4 years since you went all ninja-y. Is there more to update after that first year? Just curious ❤️❤️❤️



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