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The Update to Beat All Updates

19 Mar

On Thursday afternoon I laid down for my first MRI since returning from Russia. I have to be perfectly honest here and admit that my confidence wavered heavily and I worried that this MRI would reveal that the disease was still very much active. Even as my body has shown improvements, I still couldn’t shake the worry that I was having a nice placebo experience.
My fears were not calmed when the doctor’s nurse called me on Monday morning and said that I needed to come in. He had said he would call me with the results, why do I have to come in? You only get called in for bad news.
Sometimes though, your neurologist forgets that he said he would call and he has you come in so he can look at your results with you. And then, after exclaiming that the scan is remarkably clear, your neurologist might dig through your old files to make sure that you did used to have enhancing lesions. And then, he might even scratch his head and ask you to remind him what MS drugs you take. You might pretty much blow his mind when you remind him that you went to Moscow, Russia for a bone marrow transplant. Suddenly, he might become keenly interested to see all your reports and scans from Russia. This is how my Monday morning doctor’s visit went.
Officially, I have zero enhancing lesions. Zero. I have never had zero, even when taking all the prescribed MS treatments. This is a straight up miracle.
I begin physical therapy tomorrow. I feel pretty much over the chemo, though still a little foggy and nap prone. I am eager to see how much better I feel after adding regular exercise to my routine.
This has been no easy journey and I would not be any where near to where I am were it not for your prayers and financial support. While the financial support is so crucial, I do not want to downplay just how equally important the prayers have been. My healing to His glory. Thank you for being a part of this. I am enjoying today and excited to see where we all end up next. I love you all and I mean it as much as always.