Day 24: Let’s Talk about the Ninjas behind the Ninja

25 Oct

Countless hands have been on this project of mine.  I may get to hog the microphone for the whole show, but things like this do not happen alone.

Even while I was boarding the plane to begin my journey, people were stacking boxes and pricing items to run yard sales to raise funds.  Raffles were held, potlucks thrown, jewelry parties, 31 parties, lemonade stands, bake sales, silent auctions, artists brought their best and offered it all freely.  I have neglected many in this list, and that makes me sad, because I wish I could tell you just how many people it took to get me here.

Currently, I would like to direct your attention to some on-going efforts being done so you might have a chance to get in on some of the ninja making fun:

  • My current internet restrictions will not let me leave a link for the 31 Party that my dear friend, Ronnie Patterson is hosting.  It will be open through Oct.31 and you can order online.  It is a great product from a great company and I am sure Ronnie, who is stateside, will be able to leave a link in my comments section which should work for you.  Thank you, Ronnie!
  • If you are within an hour of the Austin, TX area (seriously, the drive would be worth the win) you should enter the raffle currently being offered by one of the finest photographers around.  Lisa Woods is a dear friend of our family and she has teamed up with an anonymous donor who will be matching all raffle ticket purchases up to 180 purchases.  Tickets are $10 each AND you get 15 percent off a photo shoot with Lisa, even if you don’t win, just for purchasing the ticket.  This offer ends Nov. 1
  • My mother-in-law is also selling orders from her Premier Line of jewelry.  This is not available on-line, but you can reach her at her e-mail at diannesdiamonds*@*gmail*.com (remove the asterisks.  This is how we fool the robots)  She will be more than happy to assist you in any way in getting some fabulous jewelry to you.  (If you may have admired my fantastic watch that I wear in many of my pictures here, you should know that it is Premier and I get nothing but compliments on it everywhere.)

The news on my current status is that I will likely be lifted from complete isolation tomorrow and be released to a softer isolation, one in which Eric can come into my room to see me.  No hugs yet, but just having him in the same room will be a huge boost to my spirits.  This will also mean that I can finally begin wearing my own clothes again.  The hospital gowns here are among some of the finest I have ever had the privilege to wear (no open backs and pretty patterns and colors), but I will be happy to get back into my yoga pants and warm socks.

My initial discharge date was set for Nov. 10, but it has now been made Nov.6.  Dr.Fedorenko feels confident that my staying in Moscow during that window will mean that I can get out and see some sights without his having to worry about me getting too far from his watchful eye during the first week or so that I try out this new immune system.  I feel confident that this will make my darling Eric, who has slept this whole time on a glorified massage bed downstairs, immeasurably happy.  We officially leave Moscow on Nov.13.

That last little bit of info is exciting to both of us, as we are eager to be reunited and rested a bit before finally saying farewell to this incredible adventure, and it gives us comfort to know that we will not be boarding the plane fresh from the hospital and returning home to our families as battle worn as we currently feel.  If you feel so compelled, I would appreciate a little cushion in my pay pal account to help us through this unexpected week of adventure.  (Link is on the right)

Thank you all for following along on this incredible journey.  It has not finished yet, and I know that the bulk of my repair work is ahead of me when I return, but I could not be more pleased or thrilled with where I sit this very moment.  I love you all.  Mean it.

One Response to “Day 24: Let’s Talk about the Ninjas behind the Ninja”

  1. Jean October 25, 2012 at 8:24 am #

    “It was not good for man to be alone; they shall become one flesh.” It is amazing the physical, mental and spirit strength we draw from each other, just by being in the presence of one another. Praise God for giving us the blessing of marriage, for a life support to help us go through the difficult times. He loves us so much. Then to know we are His Bride, His Beloved, His One he desires to hold be be close to, is beyond our imagination.

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