Hang on to Your Rubles!

29 Jun

My visit with the neurologist went very well.  He felt that I needed to go on a three day course of high dose solu-medrol, though he hesitated to call it a full relapse of RRMS.  Now that I am a three weeks past the solu-medrol I can say that I do not feel a whole lot better, but I have gotten no worse and that is a big relief.  He did not suggest I relent on go on Tysabri as I feared, but rather encouraged me to stay the course I am on.

But then, what is this about rubles and what news have I been painfully anxious to share with you all?  For the last four weeks I have been in talks with the Clinic of Hematology and Cell Therapy. AA Maximov in Moscow, Russia.  They offer a similar protocol to the clinic in Israel, though the cost is substantially less.  I have been able to get first hand reports from an English speaking Russian patient and feel confident that this hospital is a good choice.  There are variables that make it a little anxiety ratcheting for me, but mostly I look forward to it as a once in a lifetime adventure to finish off this wretched disease and show the world that it can be done.

The estimated cost of the hospital stay, travel, and after care is $80,000.  I just got off the phone with the doctor in Russia and he said that he wants to schedule me to begin in October.  He further told me that the hospital only accepts rubles in payment and I will be paying at the time I check in.

Here is what I need: prayer, funds, prayer, 15 pound weight gain, funds, prayer.  The prayer and funds should be self explanatory.  The 15 pound weight gain is because I am already underweight and cannot afford to enter this with no fat reserves.

I hope to have a new video up soon and thank you in advance for carrying me through this with your prayer and friendship.  I said in the beginning that this would be fun to watch.  I’m not sure it gets more fun than Moscow.

2 Responses to “Hang on to Your Rubles!”

  1. Linda Benskin June 29, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    Someone needs to donate a fur coat – it is cold in Moscow in winter.

    • ericswife June 29, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

      Funny story: Last March I was at Salvation Army for my all time favorite shopping event, Wacky Wednesday. They had a rack of coats and one of them was a super expensive, way cool looking, black coat made for very harsh weather. I was with my girlfriend, Sarah, and I asked her if it would be ridiculous of me to buy the coat, it being Spring already AND the coat being a bit more than I need in a typical Texas Winter. She assured me that the coat was way too awesome looking to not spend the five bucks to own it. I bought it and immediately put it in Winter storage. As soon as Dr. Fedorenko said “October”, I knew that I had the perfect coat to endure the first month of Russian Winter and it only cost me 5 dollars. I have a good feeling that matching boots are a Wacky Wednesday away. 🙂

Honest Truth About Me: I'm going to need a lot of cheer leading to see this through. Your comments and encouragement mean the world to me.

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