Information and a Thank You

3 May

If you have an auto immune dysfunction and are interested in learning more about the procedure I intend to have in Tel Aviv, Israel and how it could very likely help you, please visit this website:  Division of Immunotherapy and Auto-immune Disease .  Dr. Burt is currently accepting patients outside of clinical trials at Northwestern University in Chicago.  This is a list of auto-immune diseases he will treat.  

Dr. Burt was the first in America to treat auto-immune disease with chemotherapy and adult stem cell transplant.  This procedure has been proven time and again.  There is no money to be made in curing these diseases (pharmaceutical giants are looking at -+$75,000 profit to cure a disease or well over $1,000,000 to simply treat the disease over the patient’s lifetime.  Do the math.  Pfizer and their ilk did.)  The only way people will learn about these non-profitable treatments is if people like me get in line.  When the line circles the globe, perhaps we won’t have to fight so hard to get better.

It is one thing for me to know that HSCT will get rid of the MS that has plagued me for too long, but it another thing altogether to have so many of you stand up and carry me to the doctor’s feet.  We will get rid of my MS and we will make very clear to the world that there is no reason for anyone to suffer for 17 years with it, or most any other auto-immune dysfunction,  like I have.  Your donations to my own journey are multiplied greatly in impact when you consider how you have helped me add to the line of willing participants in this very critical research.  I will never be able to thank you enough.  (If you are on a reader and not viewing this on my website, we are now at over $22,000 in funds raised!)

One Response to “Information and a Thank You”

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