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T-Shirts! Get Your T-Shirts Here!

29 Mar

You have ONE DAY to get in on this fantastic offer.  Volunteers at the fundraiser in Austin will be wearing t-shirts provided by one of my friends (may all of you be blessed in big ways in the land of the living.)  These t-shirts have been made available for purchase for a very limited time for twenty dollars.  You have just until the end of today to let me know you want one. Shirts will be ready for pick up at the Austin Fundraiser, or just toss in a few extra bucks and someone will ship them put to you.

(My name is Amy Peterson and I approved the message in this shirt. Sponsored by the people for the advancement of HSCT.)

Updates and Opportunities

8 Mar

Amy’s Health:  Amy is experiencing a good deal of pain in her back and legs these days.  Fatigue remains a big factor in our day to day life.  Good news is that the painful spasms in her face have lessened dramatically and that is a big relief to all.

Fundraising:  There are no words for what all the support we have received means to us, so we won’t even try at this point and will pray to someday be able to return the many gestures in kind.  What follows are dates of planned activities and other opportunities to help.

  • April 14 in Waukesha, WI: there will be a fundraiser hosted by members of my family and Waukesha Church of Christ.  There will Big Band concert, a bake sale, jewelry sale, and other activities.
  • April 21 in Austin, TX: there will be a silent auction featuring UT memorablia signed by UT greats Mack Brown and Darrell K. Royal, dinners at Chuy’s, local business offers (orginizing, remodeling, hairdressing, etc.) and a performance of Good News Walking, a drama ministry which dramatically recites God’s Word.
  • Paige Padgham is a Scentsy rep who has put a party online and is offering her commission to assist Amy.  Please consider visiting her site to make a purchase, both today and when it counts in her own bank account as well.
  • Sarah Coffman in an artist and all around awesome kid living in NYC and she has generously donated 2,000 orange bracelets for our use as needed for fundraising.  You can check out Sarah’s work here: Minus Five.

Countless hands have enthusiastically jumped onboard to make this happen for Amy.  Though she is daily reminded that her body is at war with a formidable opponent, she is also daily reminded that her side has a great army.  There are many opportunities to join the journey which will one day become the story we tell our grandkids.  Here are some current needs:

  • Because some of the events taking place are far from Amy and because she has very limited energy for telling the story repeatedly, there is a great need for a videographer to film and edit a brief 3-5 minute piece that tells Amy’s story and hope for a cure.  If this is your area of gifting and you have the time and equipment, we need you!
  • If you feel you could help us keep this website updated with once a week(ish) updates regarding upcoming events, that would be helpful.
  • We have a business prepared to help us with a raffle for items donated which are too awesome to offer on a simple local level and we would like to offer them on a national level.  This means that we need a church willing to sponsor the raffle.  If this is something your church may be available for, contact us for info.
  • If you have any ideas that you think might work, run with it.  We are open to just about any and all suggestions and appreciate any assistance offered.  MS stinks and it as been a rough time for Amy, but this last bit of the trip has been a thrill.  She is overwhelmed and energized by this great community.

Thank you all for everything you have done to show your support.  Please join us in our prayers of thanksgiving for: God’s mercy, His people, His provision, and His good timing.  Amy has always said this will be fun to watch and it is because God is a thrill to behold.