In the Middle

1 Dec

After I lost my health insurance in 2004, I stopped taking Copaxone.  I expected to begin having regular attacks again, but instead found that I noticed no marked period of new symptoms as much as I was experiencing a slow progression of old symptoms with the occasional slow moving new one added in.

I continued like this for the past 7 years.  If I was asked, I would honestly answer that I was doing same as always.  It wasn’t until I took an honest look at my health in 2004 versus 2011 that I realized just how much I have lost.

In 2004 I was able to walk 2-4 miles in the heat of the day while pushing a double jogging stroller loaded with kids and purchases.  I walked grocery stores, malls, and thrift stores with ease.

In 2011 I am able to walk one mile with assistance and only in the cool of the day and with no stopping.  I must have no other plans for the rest of the day if I take on this exercise.  I now only walk in stores if it is a quick trip.  Anything longer than twenty minutes means I need a scooter.

In 2004 I could easily stand for up to thirty minutes in one place.  If pushed, I could stand for up to one hour, though this would be a big deal.

In 2011 I find that standing in one place for more than two minutes is almost impossible before I must sit down.  The inability to stand is making scooters and wheelchairs more common around here.

I’m not a doctor, but I consider myself an expert on MS and my body.  I can easily assume that my MS has turned from a relapsing form to a progressive form. This is not unusual, though I have decided it is unacceptable.

This stark change in my abilities to simply function day to day, coupled with the addition of painful spasms and muscle atrophy, has brought my MS to my full and complete attention.  I can no longer quietly sit and hope that it gets better or stops on its own.  It will not get better without intervention.

2 Responses to “In the Middle”

  1. Carolyn Counterman December 1, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    I’m so glad that this is no longer acceptable to you. Let’s go ninja!

    • ericswife December 2, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

      I just love ninjas. 🙂

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